Thursday, March 3, 2011

New place!

We are now in Pinetop. It feels so much bigger than our apartment and we have a guest room and we just love it! So I am posting some pictures of our dogs, the snow, and the new house!
Dining Room

Living Room
Zooey and Dexter laying in front of the space heater. They love it!
Our house in the snow!
Dogs running around in the snow!

Monday, January 10, 2011


We are in Snowflake area and are liking it so far. It is sure cold! Brady was promoted to Personal Banker while we were still in the valley and he moved to the Pinetop Branch in September and loves it. I started in Show Low at Bank of America as a part time Teller in November and it is going good so far. I am planning on teaching piano here too in a month or two. We bought another little French Bulldog before we left. His name is Dexter and we are hoping to have little Frenchies sometime this year. I will upload some pictures soon. We have internet now and I need to make sure I'm on top of this blog! My Grandparents (the BEST grandparents in the world) are letting Brady and I stay at their house till we find one and we are thinking it is coming up soon. So right now our dogs are staying with my family and loving it I'm sure. We still try and go down to the Valley when we can. We miss all of our Friends and Family and want to thank you for everything these last few months. Love you all..

Saturday, October 24, 2009


     So here is what has been going on with Brady and I. The end of July we moved into my parents house. We took over Haley's room. She didn't mind because she loves Zooey so much! She didn't care too much when Brady and I moved out but she was sad Zooey had to leave too. We moved into our apartment on Sept. 20th. We are at Val Vista and Pecos across from the Costco. We love it! We are in a one bedroom and den. Brady left University of Phoenix and started at Wells Fargo as a teller. He is looking to move up in the company as soon as possible and he is doing really well there. He is also getting a part time job for a little bit to bring in some more money and maybe get some good discounts on clothes! I am still doing the same as before pretty much.. Working at Kirkland's, teaching piano, and I started babysitting. I'm trying to keep busy! I'm looking forward to the Holidays.
     My friend and I have a challenge to take one picture a day. So far I am not doing so good. We scrapbook and blog now so we need to have pictures. Hopefully we will get better at it and have some fun stuff to show. I am also working on my piano blog. Check it out! :)


Brady got to go to D.C. on September 12th for the anti spending protest.

I'm so jealous..

He had a blast!

It was a VERY large crowd!


We went through the Snowflake Temple June 27th.

We took a lot of Trips to Taylor/Snowflake during the summer. We brought Haley with us once so she could stay with Grandma and Grandpa.

Here is our CTR 5 class. We left that Ward the end of July. We miss our class.

We got sealed in the Mesa Temple August 8th!

More Pictures

At 5 mile with Zooey

Zooey relaxing

Rennisance Festival

I've got Internet!!

Hello Everyone!
So 7 months is a long time not to update anything! Brady and I just got internet set up at our apartment today though. I've been waiting so long to get on here! I don't think I'm going to be able to finish it all today though. So here it goes. I'm going to just start posting some random pictures. This is on Brady's Birthday. March 8th!